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Local election results 2014

Edgware Ward

Brian Gordon       (Con)   2732 votes
Helena Hart         (Con)   2369 votes
Joan Scannell      (Con)   2182 votes

Brian Gordon moved from Hale Ward to replace Darrel Yawitch who did not stand for re-election.

Hale Ward

Tom Davey        (Con)    2178 votes
Hugh Rayner     (Con)    2155 votes
Kitty Lyons        (Lab)     2019 votes

The voting in Hale was amazingly close. Kitty Lyons with 2019 votes was just above the third Conservative, Elliot Simberg who received 2010 votes.


Plans to develop part of Bury Farm into a 18 hole golf course withdrawn.

Edgware & Mill Hill Times – 20th January


Avanti House School finds a new potential permanent site.

Get West London– 20th January

Avanti House website – 20th January

Get West London – 11th April

Avanti House website – 17th April


Tesco licence to sell alcohol from their Glengall Road premises approved.

A meeting was held on 20th November 2013 to decide the license details. Tesco had applied to allow the sale of alcohol for consumption “Off” the premises from Monday to Sunday 06:00hrs until 23:00hrs.

Currently Glengall Wines currently have a license allowing the sale of alcohol from Monday to Saturday 08:00hrs until 23:00hrs and Sunday 10:00hrs until 22:30hrs. However they have been closing earlier to aid the fight against anti-social behaviour.

A representative of BERA attended the meeting and spoke with councillors drawing attention to the link with alcohol related anti-social behaviour and long opening hours. Councillors responded saying it is possible to withdraw a licence at any time and that if concerns arise they should be addressed to the council or the police.

Click here for full Tesco License Decision


AHS confirm temporary site.

Avanti House School (AHS) confirm they will not be moving to a temporary site at Fairways Mill Hill, instead they will be relocating to the old PSM School site in Stanmore. AHS indicate that they will now likely operate a split site option which leaves secondary pupils still requiring a permanent site.

Chairman of governors, Ben Rich said the fact that it would be a secondary site only would significantly reduce the impact on local roads.

“It would only be a school for 900 or so pupils rather than 1,600,” he said. “So the school is much smaller and it is a secondary so there is much less parental traffic.” AHS and the EFA say Broadfields is still being considered as an option for this site.

It’s funny how the issues that seem to have been considered by AHS for not relocating to the Fairway aren’t being considered for Broadfields. The Broadfields site is marginally larger than the Fairways site but shares the same road access, traffic and proximity to other School issues. I also challenge Ben Rich’s comments that parental traffic would be less and counter this with six form student traffic would not only add to traffic but will add to parking issues as they will need a space for the whole school day.

I believe that AHS know the Broadfields site is totally inappropriate but it would seem the hardest thing to do is admit the Fairway / Broadfields plan was a mistake and move on.

Times Group Newspaper– 23rd July

Edgware & Mill Hill Times – 19th July


Andrew Dismore – Mayor Boris still won’t apologise over his remarks

Avanti House School

Question No: 3088 / 2013

Andrew Dismore

Now that Avanti House School have decided to relocate to a temporary site other than in the Fairway, Mill Hill, do you not feel foolish branding residents as nimbys and will you apologise?

Written response from the Mayor

I am pleased that Avanti House have secured temporary premises on the former Peterborough and St Margaret’s School site, and that the site will serve as permanent premises for the primary part of this all-through school. I understand the Education Funding Agency is considering several options for the secondary site, and I am sure a site can be found which suits residents.


MP Matthew Offord meets with Department for Education

Matthew attended Michael Gove’s office on Tuesday 9th July to press the DfE to consider alternative locations for the Avanti House School. He discussed in detail the concerns of residents regarding traffic, congestion, the environment and quality of life.  As a result Matthew can report that other sites are now being actively sought and no planning application is currently being considered for the site on Hartland Drive.

Matthew hopes to make a further announcement regarding the proposed site at Fairway School in the next few days.

Edgware & Mill Hill Times – 12th July


For everything you want to know about Edgware.

Inside Edgware is a facebook page to allow the Edgware community access to information on crime figures locally and to provide updates about Edgware issues. The page is operated by the Edgware Ward Panel, the CAP for Edgware Ward in Barnet London Borough.


On Saturday 6th July 2013 BERA attended the Broadfields School summer Fete.

To see how we got on click here for our LOCAL EVENTS section.


Woodlands Cemetery

As some of you may be aware there is a proposal currently going through planning to build a second cemetery next door to the Edgwarebury Cemetery in Edgwarebury Lane. The plan is for a multi-faith Woodlands Cemetery. Those of you like myself who have never heard of a woodland cemetery here is a simple explanation. A woodlands cemetery is a place where someone can be buried or cremated amidst the peace and tranquility of trees and flowers. A woodland burial ground provides a natural alternative to a traditional cemetery or graveyard, the planting of a memorial tree or the placing of a simple bronze plaque marks graves.

A meeting to decide planning permission took place July 2nd at Hendon Town Hall. The Agenda and draft minutes July 2nd Meeting can be seen here.

In summary of the report:

The proposals would provide a number of benefits, including providing public access to the site and preserving and improving the landscape quality and ecological value of the site. Taking this into account and the consideration that the proposals would not materially harm neighbouring amenity or highway safety, the application is therefore recommended for APPROVAL.

Letter to residents

Cemetery Plans

Assessment Report

Planning permission for the Woodlands Cemetery has now been granted.


Tesco Express

Tesco are proposing a new Tesco Express store in Glengall Road Edgware. It will use part of the old pub site, The Sparrow Hawk. Understandably the local shopkeepers are concerned about loss of trade and residents are worried about extra noise.  BERA are in the process of writing to Tesco to fully understand their plans. Please have a look at the press article below.

Edgware & Mill Hill Times – 28th June