Bury Farm Issue



For many centuries the area around Bury Farm (off Edgwarebury Lane) was considered the centre of Edgware manor and was where the manorial lord would lodge when in Edgware. The ancient Celts had fields just north of Edgwarebury farm before the Romans arrived in Britain.

The area mostly forest until the 13th century was mixed agriculture until the end of 16th century. In the 17th century Edgware became a small market town due to the production of hay, and the selling of fattened cattle driven from other parts of England. In 1932 the parish became a part of Hendon Urban District and the shopping district around Station Road developed. Take a look at the local history on the Barnet website, click HERE.

Currently, All Souls College Oxford the owners of the area want to lease part of it (around 50% of the area totalling 168 acres) to a group who want to build an 18-hole golf course.

If you are a walker in the area, approaching from Edgwarebury Lane Edgware it is the land to the left of the bridge before you walk over the M1. As you walk along the track up to the end by the Edgwareway you will have walked through the middle of what would be the golf course. Currently the area is used for crops, horse riding, walking and is of great natural beauty. The area also supports wild life and is the home for many horses.

There are several reasons for concern over this development:

1. The main issue is that the area is Green Belt land currently used for agriculture and equestrian activities. The area isn’t disused or derelict land (Brownfield site) and the creation of a golf course, using landfill would change the landscape forever. Green belt areas should be preserved and not have their landscapes destroyed.

2. Access to the site from the Edgwareway will cause danger. The road is a red route road (no stopping) and cars manoeuvring in and out of the golf course will cause fast moving traffic to stop suddenly. Local people will remember the chaos created by the carboot sale in that very area.

3. The development will cause damage to existing wildlife.

4. Loss of free public access and exercise area for horses. The development will render most of the lovely area out of bounds to the average person. Although alternative public access is proposed most of it would boarder the M1 and Edgwareway around the outlying area of the proposed golf course. It is likely to be very noisy.

5. Loss of farming land. Will what remains be feasible for continued farming or will it open the door to the complete loss of the green belt area to other developments.

6. Is there actually a need for another golf course in the area when there are so many. Please take a look at the link ………..Golf courses

Obviously the proposed developers will have answers for all the points above and will have taken professional advice. However there is a difference between planning for and reality which is why we should be able to raise our concerns as residents of the area. After all no one knows our area better.

Click on the links below for a view of a small part of the area.

Panoramic view 1

Panoramic view 2

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