Cllr Richard Cornelius




On Saturday 20th April the Leader of Barnet Council, Cllr Richard Cornelius was visited by representatives of BERA, Andrew Simons, Nigel Lewisohn, James Presser, Karin Lewisohn, Errol Fadil and Janine Simons.

Cllr Cornelius holds a surgery every third Saturday in the month and seemed to know all about us and our cause. He did request that we did not take notes or quote him verbatim but indicated that whilst he is in favour of free schools in general he did confirm that the most important and practical points of the proposed plan rendered the construction of the school worthy of us continuing and opposing.

The site is far too small and the infrastructure of the Broadfields Estate inappropriate for the traffic that it will generate. Cllr Cornelius advised that we could benefit from sourcing alternative sites for Avanti and contacting Michael Gove and his department.