Old Broadfields Infant School Site



This is an ariel view of the Broadfields School area with the old Broadfields Infant School site edged in black.

New Picture

On March 18th Barnet council presented plans for a redevelopment of the old Broadfields Infant School.

Please click HERE to view what is proposed.

As with most plans there are areas of concern. The main issues that spring to mind are as follows:

  1. The proposed access road to the new estate would initially run at the rear of several properties in Hartland Drive. New housing would then be built on the other side of the road with back gardens facing Broadfields Primary entrance / car park area. The road then straightens where the remaining housing would be built with back gardens facing existing back gardens in Hartland Drive. A better solution might be to run the access road straight and placing all housing with back gardens facing back gardens along the length of Hartland Drive.

  3. The proposed apartment block is to be 5 storeys in areas. The land is already elevated at that point and a 5 storey apartment block would certainly be a large blot on the landscape.

Martin Cowie has invited constructive comments on the proposed plans to be either emailed to him at broadfields@barnet.gov.uk or posted to him using the form that can be printed from the link above, last two pages by Wednesday 25th March 2015.